Promoting your business is important if you want success. Before this meant doing traditional things such as newspaper ads and billboards. Today, though, you need to do a lot more if you want to reach your largest audience.

In today’s world you need to be part of the online community. If you want your site to reach a large online audience you need your site to have search engine optimization, or SEO. Here are the top 5 services that most SEO companies provide their clients:

Content Writing

Content is very important on your business or product website. Content writing is a great service that many SEO companies provide. Why? Because the better the content on your site, the better your search engine ratings will be and the more people will actually see your site on the search engines. Many SEO companies even provide writers to help you keep on top of blog postings, which brings even more SEO success.

Keyword Research

Keywords are an important and intricate part of search engine optimization. Keyword research allows you to know what keywords you should target to get people to come to your site, according to your business and specialty. Research can help you successfully narrow down what keywords to promote with your business.

Link Building

Good site rankings occur when you show you have a positive reputation online. When you have a website that has other networks, blogs, and websites linking to it, then this is a great way to show that you have a substantial site. A lot of the time this not only helps with your reputation, but it also helps you get more hits to your sites through the links from those networks. Link building is a win-win scenario since it brings more potential customers and also ups your rankings with search engines.

Infographics and Video

Infographics, or graphics that display information in the form of a graphic, and videos are very worthwhile modern optimization efforts for websites who want good rankings on search engines. Why are infographics and videos so worthwhile? Because they speak louder than words or content on the page. Viewers are much more likely to stay and look at your site or blog if you have infographics or video marketing as part of your SEO strategy.

Social Media

There has been a recent explosion with social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter. A SEO company uses these tools to continue to bring in more hits to your site, and also bring up your rankings as well.

There are many ways to do online marketing. However, following these types of scenarios above will improve your chances of success with climbing the ladder to the first page of search engine page rankings.