People look around the internet using the search engines because they are on the lookout for new information, new data, something that they can use, or to help them solve a specific issue that they are currently facing. If your website does not provide them with the information they need, then they move on to the next website that may hold the key to their queries. Now if your site contains the exact kind of information that the searchers need, the next best thing that you need to do is to keep them glued to your site and to keep them coming back for more info.

And this is where adding new content to your website comes in creating a series of exciting articles written in such a way that your readers will keep on coming back to your site in anticipation of new information to add on to what they have already with them. In order to be proficient with this technique, you first have to ascertain what your audience really wants and a few more steps that can help you improve your search engine optimization campaign.

Remember the time you were so hooked on a comic book or a novel and you cannot seem to put it down for the love of anything that is exciting, and if it is a comic book, you cannot wait until the next issue comes out and you immediately become a fanatic. It should work the same way with search engine optimization and your content buildup. You have to make sure that your readers are left on the edge of their seat by leaving quips like “Watch out for additional information on how to…” or “If you want to know more about….”. These liners can really stir up the excitement by enticing your readers to wait and yearn for more.

Monitor your current website traffic and compare it to the amount of traffic that you get on your sequel content. That way, you would be able to gauge as to how much your system is working. Then you can either maintain what you are currently doing or tweak it some more and see what it does to your visitor statistics.

Make sure that your new content is always congruent to your original topic unless there are clamors for you to divert your theme to a different one. If there are requests for you to tackle other points of interests, it only means that people are reading what you offer, they appreciate it, and they want to know your views on another specific subject.