First link priority has been the subject of debate ever since the modern search engine based internet has been around. If first link priority plays as large a role as some webmasters are convinced of, then a mistake on your site could be causing you massive link juice and as a result the high search engine rankings and traffic which goes with it.

This article is going to help to give you a better idea about what is first link priority and the things which you should know about it which could be hurting your search engine rankings.

First off, what is first link priority? This is a theory which claims that if a web page has two links which point to the same page elsewhere, search engines when investigating that page will ONLY take into consideration that first link which appears on the page.

Search robots or spiders from search engines go down a page top to bottom similar to how a person would but in terms of code. First link priority dictates that search engines will completely ignore that second link which points to the same page as the first link. This means that it will not grant that second link any kind of link juice but will focus on working with the first link for that.

You may be thinking to yourself that if this theory is true then all web pages across the net would be affected in the same way, so there would not be any kind of fall out for one webmaster over another. If all things were equal between every web page in terms of how they are all set up, this would be true.

BUT, different web pages are arranged in different ways so it does make a difference.

Most importantly to understand is that this can actually cause a problem if say those two links which point to the same page are different types of links.

The best way to pass link juice is through a hyperlink with a relevant keyword as the anchor text kasino88. But if only the second link on that page is a text based hyperlink and the first link as actually an image, this means that you won’t get near as much link juice passing to that second page because search engines are only looking at the image based link and ignoring the hyperlink/the text or keyword that it is using.

Even if you have used your alt text effectively and used your keyword there, it still won’t equal near as much of the juice which would pass through the anchor text of a hyperlink.