Using your blog posts to promote your site or products is one of the effective ways to promote your Business. Whether you have a blog on your company or personal website or on the free blogging websites, blogging is one of the best tool to improve your website’s Search Engine Ranking. Google likes the blogs that are getting new content and visits more often to promote them in its search results. Publishing useless blog posts won’t help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There Are Few Tips That Can Help You in SEO

1. Giving Internal & External links in your Blog Posts

Choosing a particular keyword or phrase that is related to the title of the current blog post and giving few internal & external links can help in SEO. Internal linking means each blog post should have at least a link to any of the page of your blog. External linking means if you are publishing a blog post in someone else’s blog or free blogging websites, giving at least a link back to a post of your website.

2. Relevant Content

While giving internal & external linking, the post that you are linking to the phrase or the keyword should be relevant to that particular phrase or keyword. Linking irrelevant content will always irritate your readers for sure. So Avoid it.

Your blog should always contain blog posts based on the readers’ expectation. Always write blog posts that are related to your site or product, don’t write blog posts that are off topic. This will help in increasing your Search Engine Rankings.

3. Unique Content

Publishing unique quality content is the soul of the blog post. Nowadays, Google doesn’t even smelling duplicate contents. Do not copy from Wikipedia and any other article directories. Always write your own stuff, or you will be penalized by the content owners. Even Google will deindex your website from it’s search results.