If you are a new business that has just started up, you probably know that it is imperative that your services can be easily found on the internet. The problem with most start up businesses is that the money is very tight, and this includes your marketing budget. The days of advertising in the phone book are over as almost everyone searches online first before they go and look at a product or hire a service. With this being the case, your business will ultimately fail if you don’t get on the search engines.

With this being said, how do you make the most of your marketing budget to be able to properly market online? There are two main options that you can choose to accomplish this task. First, you can hire an SEO company that can analyze your pages and come up with keywords that people search on a monthly basis. If you approve of the list, they will work those keywords so that your site will be able to rank for certain search terms as time passes. This option will of course mean that you will be spending a few hundred dollars a month, so make sure to prepare your accounting numbers to be able to handle this type of expense.

The second option is to do the SEO work yourself. This means that you will do the keyword research on your own site, create content, and then send back links to your website in order to start ranking on Google. How do you do this if you don’t know how? There are several internet marketing schools out there that will teach you everything you need to know, its just a matter of searching online and finding them. Once you find this type of school, you will be in complete control of the online marketing budget, and you will save some money as most schools are usually under $100 dollars a month for a membership.

As you can see, an internet marketing budget is a must have item on your accounting list, but the different options give you a choice as to how much money you want to spend. If you are the type that likes to do things yourself, then maybe learning how on your own is the best option. If you don’t want to have to worry about it, hiring and SEO company is probably the best way to go. Regardless of what choice you make, internet marketing is a must in any business in today’s business world.