Nowadays, Most of the Internet Marketers are not utilizing their website’s content in other websites and communities to promote their website. They are not using their own content as a free resource for the community by contributing it genuinely.

There are many methods and channels available for promoting your content and building high quality links to boost the keyword ranking of your website and the trust factor.

Methods for Link Building:


Browsing forums to find forum threads for which you can share your thoughts and knowledge by answering the questions asked there. While giving answers you can also provide a link of your blog post or content. So, they can know more information about the subject they are looking for.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking your content in the top Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, and Wikio can pull a mass following. Just bookmarking is not enough; you have to find some likeminded people in the Social Bookmarking Community and like their pages. In return they will also follow back you and like your pages. This kind of top Social Bookmarking sites not only garner you traffic, more than that in long-term they will help for getting Better Search Engine Ranking.

Q & A Sites

Giving Replies or answers to the questions or doubts asked in the Q & A Sites like Yahoo Answers, myLot, Quora and then also giving a link back to your website content or blog posts as the reference or resource for the answer that you gave given.

Guest Posts

You can write unique Guest Posts on famous blogs of the similar niche that you cover with the links back to your own blog’s post. Normally most of the webmasters are providing 2 outbound links from an article that is being written by the Guest Bloggers. Publishing a Guest post on a famous website or blog can get more exposure to your website.

Web 2.0

Creating a Page in Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo or HubPages and publishing an article with a fastest selling product the niche that you cover. The article that you create should have a link back to your own website. Google respects this kind of Web 2.0 a lot. Links from these sites will be helpful in Search Engine Ranking in the long term. Even you can create Link Wheels using these Web 2.0 sites, which will also be helpful in Search Engine Optimization.

Blog Discussions

After reading blog posts of other websites, you can make some comment and start a discussion or by making a comment you can participate in the ongoing discussions. While you make some comments you should give a short and crispy reply by using your website’s content to strengthen your opinion. Even here you can get a link back to your site by giving the link of the blog post that you are giving here on the discussion.

Internal links

Internal link building is one of the most common and most popular ways of Link Building. Linking your old content on the chosen keywords of the new blog posts will enhance the value of you blog. Carefully choosing the keywords and giving the suitable blog post as the link are the top most priority to build high quality backlinks. Internal links are capable of carrying the same value of External backlinks.

Link Exchange Requests

You can reach out through the email to the sites that are dealing with the subject related to your website and request them for a link exchange, which will definitely boost your search engine ranking.

Advantages of Creating Link Building:

  1. You can generate high quality traffic, which means you will be getting highly interested people as traffic to your site, since you have provided quality information on forums, discussions and provided the link that gives the detailed information about the subject they are looking for.
  2. Since you are providing long term value to the community (forums, blogs) this kind of link building will be seen as trusted links by the Search Engines.
  3. Maintaining the ratio of the dofollow and nofollow links, using variations in the methods while you create the link wheels, slowly building the link wheel network and the creating link wheels on the pages related to your content will make your Link Wheel Network look like natural.
  4. Since you are giving links to the blog posts or content instead of home page of your site will make those pages to get their own Search Engine Rank.

Follow these methods and do connect, engage, comment, discuss, like and offer more and more. The main hint that you should understand is “social interaction is the king” for link building.