Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an emerging technique used to optimize websites to gain good page rankings. As SEO is a new technique, very few people know how to do search engine optimization. But after reading this article you will find that things are getting much easier. In this article, I would like to discuss some main factors which should be considered when optimizing a web site.

Search engine optimization includes many services, such as keyword research, link building, SNS marketing, website modification and many others. Each service is important and can have an impact on the optimization results. Below I will discuss them in details.

First, let’s talk about web site modification.

I think this is the first thing we should do before performing other SEO services. There is no sense in doing other things if the web site does not meet the SEO criteria. Therefore, we should carefully check out the website content, website structure, website design and other things. Generally speaking, search engine robots prefer original content, so if you have time and are good at writing, you had better write original website content. Besides, your web site structure and design should be SEO-friendly. For example, your website homepage should not contain large images and flash because they can not be read by search engine robots.

Second, keyword and link building are two important parts.

People who are familiar with SEO services know that keyword research and link building are so important that can determine the optimization results.


Keywords should be selected according to your website content. That means the keywords you would like to choose should be related to your products or services. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the keyword density. If your website content contains too many keywords, visitors will have bad user experience.

Link building

Link building means creating inbound links to your web site. By performing link building, your website slot88 will gain much traffic, so it is considered as a free advertisement and can help your website gain a high page rank.

Third, you can also use SNS and article marketing to optimize your website.

SNS and article marketing are two subsidiary services. SNS, or social networking services, means using media sites to promote one’s products. It is a new trend among marketers. Article marketing means submitting high quality articles to some good article directories. Both SNS and article marketing are free and cost-effective.